KNife – DieNasty

Big ups to James over at Dunn Deal PR  for hooking us up with this one. I wouldn’t be lying if I said that some of the stuff that comes through to us via yourself is trashy as shit, sorry boss, but every now and then there’s an absolute winner and this is definitely one of them.

I’m literally the worst person to do a write-up on Hip-Hop… Rap… whatever though what I lack of in knowledge I make up for in love for listening and when I listen to this I fakking LAV IT YOU CAAAAANTS!!!! But for those of you hunting for actual background on this track, this is what the dudes promo’ing this shit had to say.

Savannah, GA-based rapper and Dope Sandwich label head KNife presents the self-directed music video for “DieNasty”, the new single from his forthcoming album Iconoclast, set to feature Allone and Electric Grandma as well as Miggs, another Dope Sandwich artist who recently dropped the single/video “Knowhateyemean” (click to watch). Milwaukee producer Mammyth handles production on “Dienasty” as well as the entirety of Iconoclast. The son of a US diplomat, he was raised in Canada, Singapore, Cameroon and his mother’s home country of Liberia, where he bore witness to Liberia’s gruesome civil war. After relocating to Savannah he began the Dope Sandwich crew – a collective of rappers, breakdancers, deejays, artists and producers – and released several albums. He has shared stages with Curren$y, Hieroglyphics, J-Live, Masta Killa, Louis Logic and more. “’DieNasty’ was the last song written and recorded for the album,” says KNife. “It was actually an addition meant to lighten the album up a little, but it backfired and ended up being the hardest track on the damn thing. I also wanted another straightforward, traditional rap song added into the mix of the more experimental stuff I was doing.”

download the clean/dirty mp3s



I’d just like to note that I’ve recently been sifting through a lot of blogs etc. and when it comes to the comments sections, people are just hot-shit crazy on going mad on peoples journalism skills. I could imagine that if we were big time people would be tearing at this post saying how lazy it was and that I’m lazy for not having done any research whatsoever into finding out anything at all about this song and the guy behind it AND also for copy and pasting a huge chunk of press release text in to cover my ass. Well to those people; “Go suck a dry Gorillas dick and see what you have to say about my writing when you’re looking up into that big Silverbacks eyes in the split seconds before he decides to either accept you into the troop and make you his alpha bitch or just tear your head off and throw your sack-of-shit carcass into the undergrowth.” You people may also rage out because none of that accounts for my un-educated approach to writing but you know what, Bite the Belt isn’t here to inform or educate, to tick all the boxes and tickle your reading fancy. It’s here to deliver high calibre music of all kinds with an honest deliverance that’s not clouded by over-thinking obnoxious wank. Though sometimes we do do that anyway, sometimes we like to keep it simple too. And in this case, I kept it real simple like a ready to burst pimple. All you got to do is prod and the madness’ll be over in seconds… all over your face.


Your thoughts?

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