Morcheeba – Blood Like Lemonade

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So there I was, staring out into the distance.

I was already having doubts about the date, I’m sure he was a lovely guy but I had already begun to zone out. By all means he had chosen the venue well; here I was sitting in a garden party style rooftop bar gazing out onto the Melbourne skyline but the conversation just failed to capture me entirely.

Sitting there, staring out into the abyss, a familiar sound began to intrude on my thoughts. I was already particularly touchy about the mention of Morcheeba since I failed to acquire tickets to their Melbourne gig but here they were, drifting out towards my cocktail and I.

The DJ had timed it well since the moment my face lit up my date assumed it was just about the topic he was holla-ing on about and so delved deeper into the subject. Meanwhile, I was feeling secretly and internally wonderful.

Whilst I am absolutely in love with their older albums like ‘Who Can You Trust?’ and ‘Big Calm‘, there is something enticing about the composition of ‘Blood Like Lemonade’. There’s that smoothness to Skye Edwards vocals which feature that London twang in her singing to give it that edge. There’s that consistent bassline, simple and heavy to juxtapose her soft voice. Tracks like ‘Even Though’ and ‘Crimson’ prove this perfectly. To me a soft voice can be a bit of a wet one, it’s no secret that I am no fan of a Wet Blanket – NONE of this soppiness in Edwards’ voice. Nor is it a big secret that I have an ongoing girl-crush with the beautiful songstress. She is my fave.

I want to recommend all the songs, from the bluesey ‘Blood Like Lemonade’ and its reluctant renegade to the deliciously light ‘I Am The Spring’ with its simple acoustic guitar. That song to me is like poetry. I realise how wanky that sounds but I mean it when I say I have a massive crush on this chick.

Songs that I feel are worth urgently listening to right now, right this second, are these:

Recipe for Disaster, Easier Said than Done and Even Though. Go forth and listen; and then, and only then, may you come back and shake your head disappointingly at me for missing their gig. Because by then you will have realised what a foolish mistake it was to make.

Buy – Blood Like Lemonade here



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