I’d Forgotten What I Was Searching For…

The one they call Om Unit was generous enough to post up a beautiful little piece of music this evening that I remember searching for many many months ago, yet despite a frantic search, I never did find this mystical track and I suppose over time it faded and faded until nothing was left but a distant grey smudge on the floor of the forgotten hallways of my mind. That was until I pressed play on the video in question and that grey smudge exploded in a delicious soundwave of colours straight back into my consciousness, bringing with it memories of all sorts that I won’t delve into here. Tonight though, with a few simple clicks it can be yours for the bargain price of £0.00.

Those of you with a keen enthusiasm for music may recognize the restrained yet emotive piano stabs from the superb DJ Shadow track ‘Building Steam With A Grain of Salt‘, and those of you whose musical habits are bordering on fanatical may also recognize it from the equally spine chilling original, ‘The Human Abstract‘ by David Axelrod.

There’s no video or soundcloud clip I can use so you’ll just have to promise me you’ll follow this link all right?

>>>>>>>>>>>> http://ge.tt/2grMyVg1/v/0 <<<<<<<<<<<<



Your thoughts?

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