Twenty-Fourteen’s Finnish calling to 80’s-Inspired Japanese Synth-Pop.

Introducing one of the best bands on the face of the planet; STRAKTOBEAM.

Since writing one or two posts on Synth-Pop I really have opened the floodgates to aspiring bands in said field. Now every keyboard basher (musical synth reference not internet troll ref.) has decided that BtB is the new place to host their shiny-ridiculous music. Well who am I to say no? I did write one or two posts on the damned stuff after all…

Anyway, this kindly Finnish group, consisting of one drummer and four, yes four, synthesiserists going by the highly attractive name of STRAKTOBEAM reckon that they may well be one of these BtB worthy troopers. Now if truth be told, I was musically and visually sold within seconds, at least just to please my tired brain. Though my initial musical approval soon turned into wide-eyed bemafflement as the crucial vocals eventually made their appearance. This moment was the turning point, it was make or break and although the track was by no means broken, every sense of “this track is alright” instantly turned into “this track is jokes”.


Now I don’t know if this track and video are supposed to be funny in any way whatsoever. Personally I kind of think that all synth-pop is funny… I think all synthesenithiserons and their bands are kind of dreamed up in a semi-satirical way and everything about the 80s-mock sounds and videos is all for shits and gigs, it’s a fun genre after all. But then again… I could be really offending these guys by finding their hard work so funny and publicly displaying what they sent to me on a hopeful whim as a five minute laugh. But then again-again… If you go around as a Finnish synthesizing foursome singing in possibly Finnish/possibly-something-else with bizarre Japanese/Chinese/Some-sort-of-far-eastern-asian captions in your ridiculous modern-going-vintage video and genuinely expect to be taken seriously then excuse me sirs and madam but it is actually you who are offending me!

Though I do take everything you do seriously STRAKTOBEAM… in a seriously funny way.

Anyway; Bite the Belt has become somewhat deep, intelligent and thought provoking of late and I thought it was time to shake things up with something plain old ridiculous, just like the good ol’ days.

Stay breezy you little shit-bags.




Your thoughts?

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