Shoegaze, Dreampop, Synthwave and other Teen Dream Genres…


Riding off the back of a questionable post I wrote the other day, well, the post wasn’t questionable, but perhaps the musical content… anyway off the back of the post we’ve received more music of the same sort; an onslaught of Dream Pop, Synth Wave, Shoegaze, Lo-Fi fans have suddenly thought us the perfect new place to host their teen-dream music. Well, fair play to them because it seems like we’re going to do just that.

Before I continue, I’d just like to point out that I have no idea who this duo of keyboard kings above are, they just appeared when I Googled the words “synth pop gig” and I thought it appropriate. For all we know it could be completely irrelevant. But that’s what I am, a man that likes to apply irrelevancy in relevant situations.

Fuzzed out shoegaze bliss from Perth Australia

So the first email came from a label called Custom Made Music and it contained two links to a couple of spring samplers of their custom made tunes (Part One here. Part Two here.) Compilations of endless unknown aspiring legends, some powerful as the Lannister Lions roar, some weak as The Imps high jump record. Above and below are a medley of the very finest music they had to offer.

Dali is a singer/songwriter born and raised in Western New York and currently 
based in Portland, Oregon.

Empire Years is a German Indie-Rock/Post-Punk band from Dortmund, 
founded in early 2012.

A solitary cosmonaut getting spacey to make music to 
space out

My love for this music is routed in its sunshine-centred appeal. It’s picture of sitting in a car full of friends and baggage, a few spliffies on the go, a few beer cans on the floor, seaside to your left and grassy dunes to your right as you cruise towards your weekend of life-grabbing merriment. Simple ideals complimented perfectly by this sound. But then, it kind of suits those rainy days too. It’s like the easy-listening of the band world.

I can’t help listening to this stuff without imagining being incredibly drunk/running around/sepia tones/youths/beaches/cities/flying/sweaty gigs/Fay Bans and I would hope that that’s what these tunes have inspired in you. I’ll leave you on two more bits from this compilation of a more ambient, instrumental composure and then one singular track accompanied by beautiful beach times video of the same sort that got sent over to us by someone who I now forget and CBA to check my emails to find out… just follow the links and you’ll know.

Love Music.

Love Me.

Love Bite the Belt.



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