Pretty Lights in Singapore


I’ve taken a bit of time out from writing to go travelling, see the world and eat every weird food I can find – Peruvian beef heart on a Japanese sushi platter in Bangkok has to be right up there. But in order to do so, I quit my job, packed my bags and headed into the sunset armed with as many summer-style playlists as my iPod could handle. Backpacking my way from city to city every three days meant I didn’t get much time to sit down and think about writing. But on one particular adventure, on a sunny treetop canopy walk along the Southern Ridges in Singapore I found myself the perfect soundtrack. So I’ve decided it’s high time I shared this particular artist with you lovely people.

Everybody, Pretty Lights. Pretty Lights, everybody. Hello.

Now, if you too ever find yourself walking through a Singaporean forest, the sun shining, a light sheen of sweat upon your upper lip and particularly on a high canopy-walk then I have the tracks for you. I wish I could pick one particular track or album to write about, but the beauty of Pretty Lights is that there are such great tracks on multiple albums. So when in doubt, bring in a little of everything.

Track #1

Arguably my favourite album, Filling Up The City Skies (Disc 1) features some of his best tracks for an easy, chilled out time. That’s not to say they are restricted to just that, but find a spot, have a listen and tell me I’m wrong. First up, Cold Feeling, it’s an interesting mix of funky (yes, I said it) guitar beats, soulful singing and jazzy piano. I’m not the best at describing this track, because I’m making it sound like the 70’s have thrown up everywhere. But it’s relaxed, well put together and worth trusting me over.

Track #2

Now, Solamente stands to be one of my favourite songs from Pretty Lights. To me this song is Summer. Whether I’m sitting in a park, bottle of cider in my hand and this track in my ears or wandering through a foreign country taking in my surroundings. I don’t think you could be relaxing anywhere and not find this song just right. I really recommend finding a sunny patch, turning up the bass and just giving this song a go, I don’t think you’d regret it.

Track #3

Choosing the last track for this post was hard, mainly because I trawled through the 5 albums I have to find what I think best represents Pretty Lights. I nearly opted for various mixes, some upbeat, some down. But of course, I went to one of the first songs I thought about for this post. Sampling Judy Clay and William Bell’s Private Number and lifting the lyrics from Avicii’s Good Feeling to create one pretty sweet sounding song.

The best thing about Pretty Lights is that all his music is available for free download, here.



Your thoughts?

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