Crystal Xulu

I have pledged to write more frequently for our beloved blog and that might mean suffering, how can one man find the time between work, social play and blogging to actually discover amazing new music? Well the blog itself has delivered us with the answer in the form of emails that come through our heavenly gates every week bearing tunes a plenty. And every now and then, there really is a tune worth sharing.

This week it’s a guy called Wayne, though I like to call him Nathan, looking for some recognition for a project (“our” says Nath, so I guess there’s more than just Nathan involved…) called the Crystal Xulu. And after reading his description of what the idea behind the project was I just couldn’t resist giving it some love on here:

The idea is a scientist stumbles across the perfect Crystal Xulu element and fuses it with the human genome and creates the Crystal Xulu, who is decided to become the forerunner for the next human race..

I have no idea whether a Crystal Xulu element is a real thing or not and my knowledge of what a human genome is goes about as far as hearing the term thrown around a few times in my life but never really fully understanding what it actually is sooo yeah… science… and a Xulu…. made of Crystals.

I mean Xulu I assume is pronounced Zulu? And Zulu Warriors and all that are sick so when you’ve got the same things with crystals and an X in it it’s all just good times right?… Right?

The track ‘One Man Island’ has me in an instant, anything that starts with some ambient noise and birdsong is a winner in my books, and given that it progresses into some sort of moombahry, housy, bassy, darkroom riddim, what’s there to fault?

Then there’s the above ‘Why Be Jurassic She’ remix. (Modern electronic artists often have such obscure names these days right? It’s like the more obscure the cooler your music or something. Like XXYYXX and Walrus Ghost. Like what does ‘Why Be Jurassic She’ even mean? Why be a prehistoric female? Why not be your regular… posthistoric… male?… Remember the good old days when people were called simple things like DJ Sammy. Or DJ Hype. Or DJ Pineapple. There was nothing confusing about names back then; you knew who they were, what they were into, possibly what they were called and what their profession was. Life was simple. None of this metaphor, riddle, code, haiku bullshit. Not that I dislike modern names, in fact it’s quite the opposite, I enjoy them greatly but I just thought I’d point out the obscurity of the modern electronic world. And not to digress any further but isn’t it also funny how having ‘DJ’ in front of your name fell out of being cool about ten years ago BUT because it’s now uncool the prefix is starting to come back with the most cool and current names… DJ Rashad… Djrum… though is it pronounced DJ Rum or is it Drum? But yeah it’s definitely coming back around though given I can’t think of any examples at all. It DEFINITELY is coming back around.)…

Anyway the remix…

Yes.. very chilled and very nice…

All I needed to say weren’t it really…?

No of course not but hey yeah, it’s a really nice atmospheric, layered up, ambient rendition of the original and I fucking love shit like that so again, another winner in my book.

Cool so check out Crystal Xulu yeah? Do it for Daddy* and he’ll give you a biscuit before bed. You naughty children you.



* Just so that you are aware. I’m Daddy, it’s what my bitch calls me, she’s really cool and she’s totally into calling me Daddy and shit. In turn I call her Sweet Lady Mutton Dripping and yeah… shit gets wild!


Also, if you’re wondering who DJ Pineapple is then please allow me to put your queries to rest. Guy’s a fucking genius, me and Joe discovered him years ago, always knew he’d be a winner: DJ Pineapple in the Mix


Your thoughts?

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