Mix the Belt Episode 005: Ether Fiend – Guest Mix

Mix the Belt Episode 005 Cover Art

‘Peng’, ‘Prang’, ‘Weasel’ & ‘Fiend’: fine words indeed. If ever a conversation is looking a bit tired, words feeling bland and banal, all you need do is throw any of the above into the fray and watch as the discourse erupts into newfangled heights of integrity and flare.

Lies, of course, this is no more than an in-joke running several years strong within Bite the Belt circles of friendship. But an in-joke so prevalent that when we saw a track called LJT Jukem by a producer proudly named ‘Ether Fiend’ – well – we were more than excited.

Any producer with a love for liquid funk and drum & bass legend LTJ Bukem, appreciation for juke music and a name as pleasurable as Ether Fiend surely deserves our recognition.

This is what happened when he pulled up a seat…



01. Between the Buried and Me – Foam Born: The Backtrack
02. cestladore – I Used To
03. Dwele – Lady (Sango and Lakim Edit)
04. 1990 – Vega
05. Geode – Phi
06. ITAL TEK – Black & White (Ether Fiend Bootleg)
07. ITAL TEK – Mako
08. Grizzly Bear – Ready, Able (Ether Fiend Edit)
09. Ether Fiend – Signal
10. Silkie – Lucky


Your thoughts?

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