Ocean Calling – Desert Sky Scarlet

Got sent this track a few days ago and I’ve only just gotten around to listening.

Now, I had no intention of doing anything but posting about a completely different artists tonight and riddling through a few of his most amazing tracks. My heart was so, so set on it. Then this email happened. And for reasons that I may-well regret tomorrow morning, suddenly I just had to write a post about this track instead.

Sophie Wilkie, the happy-go-lucky pretty picture (that this video follows, “on a wild 6,000 mile road trip!”)  behind this band… group… sound called Ocean Calling didn’t wow me with a super credible email or even really blow my musical brains out with this track AND I know for-well that there are gunna be writers on the team and friends & readers alike who will scorn me for even thinking about liking this song, they’ll call it “A par bruv”… and part of me fully agrees…

…but then there’s a part of me, right now, with the track on repeat, nodding in contempt, that really doesn’t agree at all.


There’s room for improvements; there could be more emphasis and striking power in the chorus, maybe the lyrical content could do with some work, maybe even the vocals don’t grab you like they should… maybe it’s all a bit too love, light, sparkles and adventure-teeny-I’m-so-happy-la-la-la!! (Or in heterosexual man terms “Fucking gay mate.”) BUT despite being fully aware of all of this and more… I really do quite like it.

Call it a guilty pleasure but I’ve always had a soft spot for US-indie-enthused-dream-pop-synthwave-tropical-moon-dance music (or whatever it’s called) and by no means is this the best of that cut either BUT what it does cut with pride and prowess is the grandest essence of this misunderstood style; and that’s the full frontal idea, that might scare some music heads, of “Having fun and being happy and expressing it through having fun and being happy and actually smiling”. It’s all about good times and, of course, Sophie’s favourite things; Adventure, Love and Sparkly Sounds. And going back to a very interesting article, that new brain-tickler on the team, Shoey, put out the other week; Sense the Humour – this is a grand example of a genre that fully envelops the idea of, maybe not necessarily humour in music, but fun in music and not getting it twisted with being bad commercial cheese music. You get me? … Blud?

Bluds love listening to this kind of music btw.

It takes me back to my college days when I was all dressed in multicolours, wore neon pink Skullcandy headphones and had long hair that I suppose was trying to be slightly pretty boy but messy at the same time but really just made me look like an unkempt wildebeest. It has drapings of old euphoric Ibiza trance – a music that carried me through a good four years of electronic exploration in my early teens – and of course, a lovely female vocalist which is always something that makes my heart melt a little. And despite all of its “not-quite-there-yets” and after getting over all your sullen faced “I’m only into dark and ominous music that expresses emotion through a far more barren and damaged and quite plainly superior format.” and realising that this music has just as much meaning and expression in quite frankly a far more positive and free-from-the-confines-of-oppressive-and-restrictive-thinking way, then you can allow yourself to relax into what is actually very enjoyable piece of music. A piece of music that is the perfect highlight to this girls incredible & joyous outlook on life and fun-filled adventure across one of the most wondrous continents on the planet. I’m sure my own journey across America, even undergoing the same events and locations, would play out to a very different soundtrack BUT even still I’m sure there’d be cross-overs. Each to there own and to this it fits more than perfectly…


But Hey!!


Let’s just reer up a second there baby and settle that there horsey down boy okay!?

Don’t get it twisted yeah!?…

I don’t love this song all right? I don’t love it. I won’t ever download it and after this week or month or even year, I may only ever come back across it due to a nostalgic trawling through old posts. It will never, without a doubt, ever be a part of my music collection. It’s not enough. Though there was a reason for posting about it. Maybe it’s that I watched the video as I heard this track for the first time and it was the combination of the visual story and the good times on screen that complimented the music and allowed me to appreciate something that without, I may well have just cussed down on its musical flaws. Maybe it was the unavoidable pretty girl-next-door face of miss Wilkie twirling around and glittering in the sunlight or maybe it was her super-positive vibes all over that got me so got. I truly can’t say. All that I can say is that I DO like this song. I do like it. Whatever you cunts have to say about it…

Keep up the Good Vibes.





Your thoughts?

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