Of Golden Visions – Her Witchery


So there’s an imbalance of musical display between our SoundCloud account and the blog itself. The SoundCloud account is a relentless force-feeding of EVERYTHING that we deem good in our daily stream whereas the blog is seemingly more reserved for the crème de la crème of content only.

As of such, the track that I’m writing about, though good, on first encounter didn’t strike me as something I’d want to spend half an hour or so writing/posting/editing/linking/previewing/tweeting about and so it was just another track in the repost stream. Actually I lie. I did give it some lurve on our Facebook page because, like I said, it is a decent tune and also and more importantly; another track from a label that we have only very recently discovered and are also becoming quite chummy with. Because of the chumminess, the incredibly diverse and bizarre WW Records has deemed us a worthy contact in terms of sending us over new releases with the hopes that we might deem said release worthy of a posting. As it happens, this track from Of Golden Visions came to me once again in such an email but now with an associated video that I originally knew nothing about and cared not to search for.

On reading the nice email from Fran (from WW) I also gave the video a watch considering that the tune itself is wicked and has an audio lace of lo-fi that often instigates a visually entertaining ride when it comes to the flick. My instincts had not failed me and I was immediately treated to a wiry, vested man in a crowd pulling a face not too dissimilar to that of a face you’d expect on someone raised by howler monkeys warding off social security as they try to reel him into the back of a van with a banana on the end of a stick. After a fleeting moment of this slow-mowed vision of mouth-open, head-shaking the cut is to a powerful booty of possible Brazilian origin that is slowly walking down a path away from the camera, totally unawares of whatever sexual deviant it is behind her casually filming her tightly clothed cheeks for potential music video/masturbatory purposes later. The immediate feeling is that howler-face is in such outstanding awe of such a fine piece of rear-end craftsmanship that he cannot help but look like someone riddled with the aftermath of too many pre-party bumps of K before being plunged into what turned out to be a quiet Wurzles reboot tour in the town square.

But it’s not all just random raw footage compiled to make a weird, ambiguous heap of metaphor riddled nonsense… well it kind of is but the main themes are gorgeous lady bottoms, a rather free-spirited dancing gal in red, a strange shaman type figure and this out-of-place fella with the big open mouth and all of that of course can be tied into the enticing allure of the female form which in this case is being portrayed as Witchery, hence the Shaman and hence the title; Her Witchery.

Of course I could be horrendously wrong and all that this mish-mash of clips really resembles is the work of an editor under the heavy influence of psychedelics and is nothing more than an expression of their emotions during their thirteen hours of of turmoil during which they re-drew the universe using intricate and elaborate geometric patterns which all seemed to make so much sense at the time…

Or it could be a nice bit of both.

Anyway, big love to WW Records and big love to Of Golden Visions and this song (described by the man himself as “Weird House”) and video.

Nice One.




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