Project Mooncircle – Who Are You?

Just got linked the above tune by that MC Lean fella, the same one that took me to see the favelas and then threw me into the deepest and darkest jungle.

I haven’t even finished listening to it and I’m already composing this post and if I’m fast enough (I won’t be) I’ll be able to post it before the tune has even ended. How mad would that be!?!

Pretty mad, anyway I have nothing interesting to tell you about this track, it’s purely a peng tune that deserves a good posting. What is interesting however is that it’s a Project Mooncircle release. Now that’s a name that I’ve heard only very recently and weirdly over and over again from different sources:

My first whiff of the label was from our very own, and new BtB crew member, Ryan, or known to me and the majority of the writers as ‘the Shoe Man’. Shoey chose an absolutely beautiful tune for our Facebook‘s Tuesday Chart last week that shone out to me like a gorgeous beacon of light in an already delicious fog of fine music, but it wasn’t the song itself that was the original spark of interest, I’d been excited to experience the track, as I worked my way through the chart, based on the mystical/magical title of the label that it was released on. It’s not every day that you come across a new label and it’s not every day that you come across one with such a lucrative name as Project Mooncircle. The track itself fit everything from producer name (Blossom), track title (Road of Wind) and of course the label title. It was a moment enough, in listening and enjoying all of the mad names associated, to make a mark in my mind… Project Mooncircle…

The very next day I came across a track in my stream that, again, was another such musical-light-beacon from a new artist with a wild name (Though I come across a fair few of those) and bizarre track title. I had to fiend out on it a few times over before I could move on in search of more peng. The tune was from a guy called Walrus Ghost, enticing enough, but at some point during the numerous replays, on having a little read into the track, I was more than pleased to discover that not only was this a beautiful track from another producer with a ridiculous name but also another Project Mooncircle release! Who is this label and why are they stumbling into my life in such a gracefully abrupt fashion?

Then that was it. Quiet for a week. Just more music for more and more of the same and new. Project Mooncircle was just a two-day coincidence, maybe I’ll come across them again in the future, and when I do, I’ll remember their name and remember how wicked their music is.

One week later. Just under actually. Six days later, just six. Mattango MucLenny hooks me up with another obscurely named producer called Rain Dog and his track; Writers Block. and guess what? Yeah that’s fucking right, it’s another release from that fucking Project MoonCircle. I’m like; “Saaay whaaaaaat!?!?… Again!?!?! This Mooncircle lot, like, how? How have they just eased themselves upon me? I haven’t tried to discover them at all. They keep coming to me from completely unrelated sources as well. It’s like they want me to discover them. It’s like someone wants me to discover them.” There’s certain times in life where you just have to accept that some things were meant to be and this was the third strike that said to me; “Swanson.” (That’s me btw.) “You really need to check out this label man, they’re fucking sick.”.

Project Mooncircle now has a new, high held position in my very small handful of outstanding labels.

If you want more of any of the above tunes or haven’t clicked on any of the links then please reel through these album tasters and get a feel for the smooth-edged, moon-based, project of a label that has continuously blown my mind over the past week without me even asking them to.

Here are the links…

Oh and of course I never finished writing this before that track ended. I had first intended on writing a one liner about the tune being peng and that it’s from a label I’m only just discovering which could well have been done before it ended but such is me that I had to delve into the full story behind this label’s gradual creep into my life. What was supposed to be a five minute quicky has become a good 45 minute slog. You best have fucking enjoyed it.



Your thoughts?

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