The Belle Game – Wait Up For You (STINT Remix)


As of late, the quality of material that gets sent over to us mooks here at Bite the Belt headquarters has increased significantly. Not materials like what that Chinaman was trying to sort us out with for the purpose of actually manufacturing belts, though it would also be nice to see a rise in the quality of belt providers as well, but I’m talking actual music material. The quality used to be at, say, maybe level 3? Always relevant, always weird, obscure and creative but too often terrible. Things are changing and almost daily we have pleasant little musical surprises like the recent new love-crush that a few of us at BtB have developed for Sam Mumford and WW Records on the whole (Watch these guys btw, reckon they’re gunna get big.). Also got linked a powerful bit of creative storytelling Hip-Hop from a man called Helix Troy very recently too. The list goes on and I could go on but it’s time to steer this ship back on course towards what I was originally sailing to…

Had a short and sweet email this morning from a guy called Ajay asking us kindly to give his remix of Wait Up For You by The Belle Game a listen. I kindly obliged, not really knowing what to expect. I was half expecting something terrible (Never having heard of either STINT or The Belle Game… I mean, The Belle Game sounds like the sort of thing you’d say to someone if they’re being a bellend; “Oi mate stop playing the bell game and sit down for fuck’s sake!”.) and the other half of me that was expecting something okay was by no means expecting to be completely immersed in the track once it had begun.

Retrograde style video for a beautiful pop-revision that combines all of my favorite aspects of more happy-go-lucky music, shoegaze, dreampop, retro, dreamwave and ballad. Imagine those genres and pluck all of the best sides of them and zing them into one beautiful little strike of calming goodness. It’s a lot like that but so much more…

Thanks so much Ajay/STINT for bringing this work to our attention as you simultaneously made me a fan of both yourself and a lot of the other Belle Game works which is a band on the side of pop that I do actually really rate. Canada is always putting out good music in every genre really, I think it’s a country poorly overlooked. Go Canada!! Woooo! Yeah go get em’ baby!!




Your thoughts?

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