Retrospect: A Decade of Fracture & Neptune

Retrospect Cover Art

This post isn’t exactly topical, (the compilation was put out in 2011), and I’m guessing the majority of you have heard of Fracture already, but what a lot of people I’ve spoken to don’t know about is the mad quality of his and his old partner Neptune’s output back in the late 2000’s.

If you indulge yourself in this album you’ll be treated to one of the finest collections of hardware produced, sample based, intricately put together drum & bass ever to have blessed my relatively seasoned ears. Now don’t get me wrong, not every track is a dance floor destroyer but as pieces of music and pieces of art, designed to create mysterious atmospheres and chilling moods, they are sublime. I hate to name drop but they even graced the Radiohead office chart with their track Too Doggone Funky, with its bombastic drums, splashing cymbals and funky grunts.

Customtone, which I suppose could be considered the lead single, features some mad slide guitar playing from a guy called Martin Fieber, who for those of you that aren’t creepy fan boys, is Fractures dad, and he turns out to be a pretty talented musician himself. Its got a mad psychedelic music video as well that was created by Nottingham boys, UTILE.

The creepy voices that drift in and out of tracks like Flashing Light and Forgotten Roads just add to a dark and menacing tone that is already expertly crafted by the music itself. And the Jungle flavoured Bless Me, is another favourite, with its frantic breaks and dubbed out vocals. Colemanism is one for the break connoisseurs, paying homage to The Winstons Amen Brother and re-sampling the whole track rather than just that famed 6 second break.

Its hard to believe that this music is from the same creative mind as projects like Dawn Day Night and Fractures more recent releases on Exit Records like Sick Wid It and Bounce That. Well worth an investment for any fan of drum & bass that is made for listening just as much as dancing.



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