Cleanin’ Up the Filth

Filthy Filthstep

Remember when shit was so filthy it was worse than fingering your dog’s arsehole and finding your dead mother’s hooker identification papers in there? Whether you liked electronic music or not you couldn’t avoid those dirty, dirty drops getting dropped so messily all over the place. At every single rave FILTH was the main ingredient. Personally I was one of those kids rolling around in the filth lapping up every high to mid frequency mess that was apparently bass and so this is a little rich coming from me but at the same time, I’m so glad that it’s over…

We all remember the Dubstep explosion. Years after it’s actual birth (Late 90’s by the fucking way! Despite what a lot of ill-read bellends would have you believe. Yeah mate dubstep started in the mid-naughties bruv…) it hit the electronic mainstream and before you could say Wub every 16bit year old was obsessed with Caspa, Skream, Benga, Coki and all that. Well I say that. Real dubstep fans were giving their spuds in that direction and had been for a few years but it was only really until Skream’s Let’s Get Ravey Remix of La Roux and Caspa’s Remix of TC’s Where’s My Money got released and hit day-time radio that the kids paid them any attention. On learning about the awesome filth of Dubstep I bought I Love Dubstep which wasn’t filthy at all and I really didn’t understand its minimal, bass heavy approach to what could be disgusting and awesome! Progressively the search became more centred on looking for that fiiiiilth and the names that fit the bill were BAR9, Excision, Datsik, Funtcase and of course the Papa de Brostep: Rusko. And I wasn’t alone. Teens across the country were obsessing over Flux Pavilion, Joker and eventually… fucking Skrillex.


Now, four years later and the only kick I get out of all that filth is the same one I get from listening back on any of my latter, more embarrassing, musical ventures: The Nostalgia Kick. I would still take my hat off to, at the very least, one track of each of said names, some more so than others but at the heart of it, bro-step, even more so than back then, is fucking terrible childish trash. But Dubstep? Dubstep is still peng. Now days I could lovingly nod through I Love Dubstep and would crawl with disgust at the thought of having to listen through The Sound of Dubstep, the compilation that I would have fiended far more way back then.

However, every now and then I come across a tune that lapses over both the more ominous, minimal dubstep and the grating, disgusting noise that is more associated with children wearing Beats by Dre. It’s not a mangled mush of lazily collated rhythms and goofy samples, it’s more simplistic… but it is most definitely aggressively harsh on the ears and would have you bass-facing far more than the standard sub frequency, smoke-filled room music that most Dub heads love. And it’s this area of Dubstep that seems to have gone awry. I still think filth has a valid place in any good Dubstep set, maybe not throughout the whole thing and maybe not in every set but it definitely deserves its place but where are these tunes? Who’s making them and who even plays them?

Well we follow this low-key Dubstep profile on SoundCloud called Pseudojamaica and they constantly re-post the sickness from most corners of the Dubstep realm though largely focussing on the darker and more chilled accents. They’re so safe in fact that they’re going to put us together a tasty little guest mix which should be coming out pretty soon. On exploring who they were (Basically just big Dubstep fans that put together mixes and shit) I ended up leafing through some names that are supporting their efforts, one being a guy called Oxela and this is the guy who answers those questions above. He loves that crossover, not full blown trash-step but that nasty little cross-over that satisfies your filthiest needs without being ridiculous about it. Of course he’s from the United States and no he doesn’t produce and he doesn’t even mix but he fakking lavs his nasty noise and the guy is constantly (Just like us) flooding the soundcloud stream with some sick tunes from all over the place, but even more wickedly so, largely from people who are completely unknown.

Here’s a little blast of what he’s putting out.

Yeah so running through those you definitely couldn’t have more than five minutes of it BUT a few minutes of one of those tracks dropped in? Mate you’d go mad with it. You’d fiend it! You’d be like ahh mate I aint heard filth like this is bares and it’s the sick kind of filth that got overlooked when that other filth came in that wasn’t filthy at all… And your mate would be like mate what?

But yeah, I think these kind of tracks still deserve the play-outs and the love. It’s an area of music that I’ve long been apart from and in little drips and drabs it’s sick. Skrillex and his kind can keep on sucking the filthy dick of the commercial giants and spewing their undesirable semen at the hyped up neon children of america but mans like the mans that Oxela is rating, keep doing what you’re doing, I’ll give you the odd play here and there.




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