Need For Mirrors & HLZ – Mother Of Pearl | A Need For Liquid


Need For Mirrors has temporarily become Need For Peng; there’s been no official name change but this new EP, Mother Of Pearl, gives them rights to the title.

Another Neuro Name from the not too distant past; I definitely had a few heavy hitting Need For Mirrors tracks two or three years ago and I can’t fault them. NFM was making good Neuro sounds, Industrial, Dark, Demonic noise, but, like so many producers, they just slipped from listening. However never would they leave my mind completely, having made such a prolific mark in the first place. Giving their dues on seeing Spearhead prepping to put out a new release of course I was excited to see what the NFM had conjured up. Based on previous experiences, what I heard was not at all what I expected…

I’m not so stupid as to think that NFM has never put out liquid tracks in the past but on that assumption I haven’t actually heard any. Maybe they never did and perhaps its this HLZ, someone… someones? that I’ve never heard of before*, that is the new softly-softly addition to the production that has turned Need For Mirrors’ normally more face-crushing hand to something far more face-caressing, hair-stroking and chin-tickling than I’ve heard from him before.

It’s a two piece EP in all formats but digital, where you’d be gifted with the above bonus track; Mermaids. Collectively, a gliding Drum & Bass liquid gem that would sooth the heart of any raver caught up in a flurry of jaw grinding and floor stomping into a gentle sense of easing motion, jaw relaxed, stomping turned to swaying and intense stare directed away from the nearest dancer and sent upwards to the strobe painted stars, regardless of which track you chose to drop.

Keep your own eyeballs and ears locked on Spearhead for it’s release.

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* OKay so I just did some background research following Both Need For MIrrors & HLZ giving this post some love on twitter (Thanks BTw Boys) and it turns out that HLZ Emilio was formerly one half of the Need For Mirrors duo. I knew NFM was Once a duo and I did know that they was now just a he, what I didn’t know was who had made up the original two. I Was also Stoked to find out that the remaining half and concrete Need For Mirrors is (Joe) Mosus, a producer behind a collaborative track that is one of my favorite DnB tracks of all time; Zero T & Mosus – Monarch. So this is essentially, to that effect, just a Need For Mirrors EP but essentially not, so that’s why it’s Need For Mirrors & HLZ… make sense?



Your thoughts?

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