Sam Mumford – Scatter


Not heard of Sam Mumford? That’s cool, neither have I. He was all like “Man would you mind listening to my music?” and I was all like listening and like “What in the shitface is this!? But yeah I well like it broski I’ll write something about it yeah?”.

That’s not how that conversation (Email conversation) went at all, I never said shitface or broski and I don’t think he said man but either way, the story is pretty similar. A week or so ago I came across this guy called Old Man Diode via a remix that Om Unit had done of his work. Considering it was such a banger I checked out the old fella’s page and discovered that he had loads of binger bangers… well wierd binger bangers mind but binger bangers none the less and so gave them the appropriate re-posting. But that was that, just another name in the basket of beauties and a few re-posts on the Bite the Belt SoundCloud wall.

At least that was until I got this email through from Mumford saying that his label (WW, the guys who put out Diode’s tracks) had put him in touch with the site and that our mission statement (Something about super powers or possibly an STI I think…) had been a bit irresistible. On these kind words I thought; ‘Yeah man I’ll give this guys stuff a listen’…

The first play on the EP is perhaps a hard listen for some, maybe the whole EP is a hard listen for some as it isn’t exactly your standard musical design. “Scattered” was no accidental title. But if you’re open eared enough to enjoy that scratching, destructive mess of notes and plucks then you’ll be open eared enough to hear how beautiful it actually is.

I’m never any good at describing things that I don’t really understand so, to give you some technical understanding of what’s going on here, I’ll pass on to you what Sam said to me. It’ll all make a bit more sense then; “WW Records are primarily an electronic/dance music label but my music, though inspired by that world, is a two-piece, guitar/vox and drums. It’s song with a heavy emphasis on the instrumental, raw and moving from small and intimate through to heavy and driving. I work with different guitar tunings, live I put my guitar into 3 amps (bass, acoustic and distortion) and balance the sound and texture with volume pedals.” Which I think sums it up perfectly.

It’s only this EP that I can find so far of Sam’s work but within the ‘messy noise’ that some people might see it as, is a mish-mash of genres colliding into something quite brilliantly unique that has made me an immediate fan.

It’s bizarre. It’s different. Sam’s voice is gentle and reassuring against the aggression and the off-key sounds and build, though seemingly unorganised, if you listen with the love they deserve, become all the more perfect.

Look out at the misty dusk of todays dying evening light and whether you’re in the suburbs of the city or the hills of the country, this music will make so much sense.

Read more about Sam here
Check out his website here



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