Five Minutes to Lean


The night was long and hard. I had travelled from place to place this eve and on arriving home it was late into the night and I was tired. Until then the night had been but short and sweet though friends now awaited me in a land within my home that was not my home. It was not my home at all. We came together to do battle. Blades of Shogun. To roam those lands beyond the vale and shake fear into all that would cross us. And so we did. We did until the night had become long and hard and just when the night had became it’s most lengthy and tough, when warriors were starting to call for their beds, a new face arrived, a face outside of the lands beyond the vale, a face here and now; Mattaeus McLean. Out of the false lands and bid farewell to my brothers. Into the next stage of the long, hard night…

It was five minutes to lean; a Blade born of Shogun once wielding steel to cut down his foes now wielding a flaming baton of green to sooth his pains. To heal his wounds. A warrior tired it was simply my place to rest but with a friend so alive in the night it was his to provide company and more importantly, music. A warrior without music is a warrior lost as music would call us home as it does lead us into battle and Mattaeus McLean had heard of new songs to sing and what a prospect this was.

This was my night to be weary but it was not long since McLean had been owed his own rest following a venture into the deep and dark depths of the ancient lost Jungle

The flaming green baton was working it’s warming, sinking, green magic and as Mattaeus started to play the drums that he had found in the Jungle, the rhythmical wilds of the Deep Blue, I felt myself slip into the dance. The dance of the long green night.

For that is how the Ancient Jungle works, men have ventured into it’s thick and winding tangle never to be seen again. They say that they have been lost to the dance and right there, immersed in the drums and cries of the forest, I too could feel it’s pull. My body moving and waving in exaggerated motion, my arms and hands swaying, weaving, like an extension of the music that waved it’s swaying weave all around us. And in despite of the narcotic hold that the music had on me, this dance was only the beginning…

A creature of the night, Flytronix, much further inside the belly of the living beast had a heart beating drum so fast, so furious that even the Jungle found it hard to contain. A deep and groaning below amidst the splintering breaks and chatter of ballistic percussion had me fighting with weasel paws, high speed hand stabs that matched the cracks of snare and toms. The only Harmony to be found in the sting of the Flytronix of the jungle is a brief pause, a moment to fall back into the waving weave of green and remember your medicine. Only for a moment however, a gradual rise into the stars and stellar space, a quick breath to cherish as you’ll need it when the rip slings you back from the twinkling night’s solar landscape and into the pitch black of the Jungle and its drums once more.

It’s only once you’ve dragged yourself away from the hornet’s nest and pulled your body free of the branches that you’ll find a clearing where the Hyper On Experience awaits you. A clearing surrounded by tall looming trees, a short circle of rough grass illuminated by moonlight. A place where the forest seems quiet and still but for the musical horror that haunts your every step. Haunts you, at least, until you come to embrace the darkness around you. Embrace the dark and ancient Jungle, embrace the drums and chaos, embrace the long dark night…



Your thoughts?

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