Ageispolis – Aphex Twin

I’ve always found that music at around 100bpm gets painstakingly ignored due to the fact it falls into none of the standard genres. Maybe that’s the next big thing, maybe we’ll see Boddika change his name and start spearheading the 100bpm movement? I don’t know what it’ll be called but I bet someone starts doing it, and when they do they can collect up all of the 100bpm gems that have been left out of sets for decades simply because they’re awkward to mix, and when all of this happens I’ll be standing there with a smug look on my face and people will avoid me because all I’ll want to talk about is how I was into Slothstep back when people were still referring to it as 100bpm music.

Anyway, here’s a peng little Aphex Twin jam from back in the day, theres a lot to love in this track, the bleeping digital melody, the playful bassline, the ambient swells, the simple yet delightful drum machine percussion. Its taken from his famed album Selected Ambient Works 85-92, which while not exactly full of bangers is a great showcase of what a creative mind can accomplish with some pretty basic equipment, all the critics fiend it as well. Well worth a listen if you’re interested in music of the Techno persuasion.



Your thoughts?

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