Guitars an’ Stuff 002.


The lovely, lovely, Hali Mahalia Simpson (Well she’s called Mahalia Simpson but I like saying Hali Mahalia… ite?). A New Zealand beauty, young, gorgeous, lovely and an amazing singer with an extreme amount of passion in her non existent balls. But you know that if she did have balls, they’d be swelling with unreal amounts of soul driven musical love.

Though off the cuff she’s a stripped back, guitar in hand, Jazz Cafe Queen, she surprised me, way back when she only had two tracks out (Both pretty acoustic) and came launching out with some lazy rolling Hip-Trippy-Hop beat and it blew my mind. So OK I said these were going to be tracks with guitars and stuff and side-step the electronics but I can’t side-step this song, it’d be a punishment to you as much as myself.




Your thoughts?

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