Guitars an’ Stuff 001.


During my interstellar travels through the electronic universe I very rarely, but always gladly, stumble across something aside from the bleeps and blips of electronic production.

Perhaps an acoustic breath of fresh air, some indie, some jazz, rock, folk, blues. Anything that pushes away from all the heavy basslines, computer crisp audio, precision rhythms and repetitive beats. I love essentially all music though it’s true that my knowledge lies best in electronics and so naturally it’s where I direct most of my attention and so when I come across an artist of a different breed, I near enough cream myself with excitement. Over the next few posts from me you’ll be hearing the music that I love that’s been made with guitars an’ stuff. I hope you enjoy.

I know that they’re from France. That’s about it, possibly just one gent and one woman though, despite clearly having a good singing voice, I much prefer the tracks featuring just the lass. The two tracks being two beautiful renditions of two already beautiful tracks.

An amazing lace of Soul & Blues can work wonders on a song when left in the right hands and these hands clearly knew what they were doing.



Your thoughts?

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