Lee Bannon


So I’ve done my research, which is rare for me and still there’s not much that you can pull-up on this guy. Though, not to get too corny, if I ever hear one of his tunes getting played out (Which I highly doubt I will as the sounds are far too much) then they’ll be getting an immediate pull-up request.

All I know is that he’s a big player in Joey Bada$$‘s Pro Era crew and that he’s made tunes for Ab-Soul & Busta Rhymes but unless you know anything about Hip-Hop that means absolutely nothing. I know next to nothing about Hip-Hop other than the fact that I like it and yeah I’ve heard of Joey Bada$$ and I’ve definitely heard of the Pro Era but I know nothing about any of it. What I do know though, is that this Guy from Cali is beyond Hip-Hop producer, dude’s some next level production entity with his own completely unique and stupidly sick style.

See you listened to that and you were like “What this isn’t Hip-Hop, this is some well old Jungle or suttin?” and yeah man it is Jungle. This guy is like if Hip-Hop had a brother who loved Hip-Hop but also fiended Jungle & Breaks and had a son with a new-age Cyber Techno loving woman who was borne of Electronica and they both raised their son on the mad music that they loved and then, when he was old enough, sent him to go and live in a dark and dangerous but insatiably interesting city that was always at night and there he learned to produce his own music and when he did, his old Hip-Hop uncle found him and took him to a club to play out his wild sound and when he stood up there at the deck and quietly pressed play on the first record the whole establishment got torn apart by a musical force unknown and in the silence to follow a being rose up out of it and that being was the sound of Lee Bannon.

His tracks never seem to stay in one place for too long, they’re constantly moving and shifting into new directions, new feelings, new atmospheres and you’d be a winner if you could listen to one of his tunes and guess what the next segment might be. They’re unpredictable and that’s what I like, you know there might be some mad amens bursting out at some point but there also might not be at all and if there even are, when are they going to rear their naughty heads? It’s always like that; but you don’t think about it too much, you just get into it and sort of forget what you’re listening to. And I think that’s what’s great about it, because it’s un-classifiable by any genre you don’t try to pigeonhole it, you just take it for what it is and I think that’s a hard thing to come by in music these days, even more so to put onto a listener without them realising it because it’s only now, writing this post, that I’ve realised that I haven’t tried to genre it at all in my listening….

… I’ve just simply listened and enjoyed.

I don’t have anything but personal opinions to put on this one and despite the fact that I’m already a hefty chunk of writing in already, I think I should just let the music do the talking. But I’ll leave it on this, because this is where I get a personal thrill, the guys had inspired influences from Goldie, Squarepusher & Burial aside from a whole host of other incredible producers of almost every breed; a man with a strictly intelligent taste in music beyond music and thus has made sounds as such.

Got a lot of love for this guy.

Below is are a few of his prime works that I know of; a rework of a Kanye track, an EP he did (Which I couldn’t believe features Poliça on it.) which is comprised of one continuous long track, a sick mix he did for FACT Magazine and one of the tracks he produced for Joey Bada$$ & Ab-Soul last year.

Also, can’t believe I forgot to mention this… guy’s been signed to Ninja Tune which is how I came across the 216, an incredible label. Credit also to XLR8R because they uploaded it as well. Sick blog… webzine? if you don’t know them already. Bannon will also be releasing his new album Alternate / Endings on Ninja in just a couple of weeks, 9th December. Big things.

Bannon’s Camp – leebannon.bandcamp.com
Bannon’s Sound – soundcloud.com/bannon
Bannon’s Bant – twitter.com/BANNON916
Bannon-san – ninjatune.net/artist/lee-bannon



2 thoughts on “Lee Bannon

    • Mate, purely Dun Know.

      I really, really, really want to pull an interview with this guy, did email him a few weeks ago before I’d really explored his sound and I haven’t heard back.

      Gunna pursue the idea in six months or so I reckon


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