Luke Abbott – Modern Driveway (Jon Hopkins Piano Version)


I’ve said I’d mention these many times a while back and here I am mentioning them again. The Blu Mar Ten Podcasts (Amazing Production Trio, Amazing Label, Amazing Podcasts.). They consist of music that they love, that inspires their production and also releases from their label (Blu Mar Ten Music) and it is within Episode 3, my favourite of all the episodes though all of them are gems in their own right, that I came across this track for the first time.

The original track is a kind of Ibiza House (With techno vibes) track but Jon Hopkins, who I’ve heard of before and possibly have heard or know of a couple of his tunes, is the one who turned this rolling rhythm into a drifting ambient masterpiece.

Slow reeling melodic piano chords and warm fuzzy bass, it’s like floating through space with nothing but awe…

Jon’s SoundCloud –
Jon’s Website –



Your thoughts?

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