Sheen – Hey


Despite priding ourselves on the inclusion of all music’s of a certain quality regardless of their genre, it’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of the current electronic scene in all of its various guises, so this post is to take a step back and acknowledge that their are still people out there who practice their instruments till their fingers bleed and put up with their compadres for years on end rather than trading them in for a second hand drum machine off ebay.

I happened to go to school with one of the guy’s in this collective (big up Callum) and have watched his musical journey from afar (via facebook). His current band are called Sheen and have been making waves in the London scene as of late with the so called Dream Pop sound they have been pushing, this latest track of theirs is my favourite so far though as it starts with floaty Warpaint-esque abandon before breaking into a furious Sonic Youth styled ending.

Its also had a cool little video put together by a guy called Anand Damodaran whose done a great job of capturing the whimsical vibes the band created. I’m glad to say their hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed either as the track got unveiled by Clash magazine the other day, good work guys.

Sheen’s facebook
Sheen’s twitter
Sheen’s soundcloud



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