My Discovery of Modern Urban Jazz & The Works LP


When I was a young whippersnapper and was first discovering the world of digital music as opposed to buying CD’s I believe I started out, as many do, ripping tracks off Youtube.

My best bud, who always seemed to be one step ahead, linked me up with a website that is now shockingly dead. In fact I think I mentioned this in a previous post. The site was called Dogs On Acid and it was a combination of music Webzine, Store, Blog and catalogue. It hosted Top 100’s of various different electronic genres, though sometimes they’d be labeling Dubstep as Drum & Bass and all sorts of similar crimes which obviously made me doubt their credibility. They also hosted some outright terrible music so that was another mark against them. I supposed around the same time I found out about Beatport as a good source of high-quality mp3’s but I like Beatport about as much as I like eating hot shit fresh out of the oven.


The next step for me was listening to Radio shows, basic resources like Annie Mac or Fabio & Grooverider on Radio 1 (Before the whole nug of weed cock-up) and Bailey who used to run the DnB hype on 1Xtra.

It was only in the past year or so that I got involved with SoundCloud and it really wasn’t until the start of this year that I began to exploit its potential as the single best source for discovering new music that I’d ever come across. And it was early this year, when I was typing in the names of artists to follow, that I very accidentally came across Justice, or Tony Justice as I now know him. Like I suppose many others, at the time I thought that Justice was in fact the French electronica duo and gave them (him) a follow. Obviously I was kind of surprised that they kept re-posting old-skool sounding Jungle/Drum & bass rhythms. My initial thoughts would have been, “Fair play, Justice repping some amen flavours.” and my later thoughts must have been, “This really isn’t the Justice that I think it is, is it…”.

MJAZZSLIPMAT01But there was never any resentment, I was loving this Justice guys re-posts. More so than I was loving what Band Justice were making or had made (Though I still love their work). But I’m honestly a break fiend these days, anything with some wild jungle rhythm, some old skool flavour, it gets me right there. And months in I’d come to realise that Justice was a part of some sort of mad Drum & Bass label that focussed on a much more experimental and tasty side of DnB than what all of the other Darkroom labels were putting out.

And now here I am, writing a post about their upcoming EP. Not that I’ve said anything about the EP at all haha. What I’m trying to say is, despite the fact that the label has been running for 18 years I’m only about nine months into knowing them and only five or four into knowing who they are and what they’re about. This is a label that’s been putting out sounds that I adore since I was three years old, a label that isn’t confined by bullshit or boundaries and it’s solely about the music. It’s solely about the passion and I really respect that.

The works LP is twenty two consecutive beauties that represent the label over the past eighteen years, it’s tracks from way back when and pieces from here and now. It’s an album that defines the indefinite label and pushes all the definitions of Drum & Bass to the side and just lets roll with the good music. It features reworks, remixes & alternative versions of tracks that long time fans will recognize from over the years and it’s even got some hidden gems that never got to see the light of day, fully restored, fully uploaded, fully breakbeat awesomeness.

With support from the likes of LTJ BukemMix Master Morris, Fabio, Marky, Survival, Pulse and Marcus Intalex you know that this album is some sort of a golden mark in the history of Drum & Bass. Maybe it’s not for everyone, maybe it’s not for the people that just want to pound the dancefloor and get Mandied up to the eyeballs but I can assure you, this one is for the music heads.

Clips of genius below.

Expect to see the Works LP make its way into stores very soon and not only that but we here at Bite the Belt will be getting an EXCLUSIVE (yeah that’s right I put that shit in big bold letters dawg.) interview with the two label owners Justice & Metro about the LP and the label and MJAZZ life in general VERY VERY VERY SOON.

And they’re doing us a guest mix… bangin’

Love music.


Love those that love music.

Nice one.



Your thoughts?

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