Tekonta Secta

We’re all about those peng sounds at Bite the Belt but rest those weary ears of yours for a few minutes and direct your eyeballs towards the artwork of Tekonta Secta. He caught my eye at first after having a few pieces up in Mimm (the Nottingham store) and gradually I started to see stickers thrown up all over the place.

It was after a little online exploration though that I really saw what this guy was about. He manages to make his way into some post-apocolyptic looking buildings and puts up these mad half robotic/half organic neo-aboriginal looking creatures. I like the fact that the pictures he puts up emphasize the urban exploration aspect of being involved in graffiti, which (due to having no drawing skills whatsoever) I find equally important and interesting.

And he doesn’t just do abandoned buildings and stickers, the guy takes on projects involving pretty much whatever you like, decorating bikes, guitars, car engines, vans, trailers, iPhone cases and lighters, check out some of his work below and give him a follow on Facebook, every now and then he puts up some madly detailed pieces on a first come first serve basis. 

Tekonta’s FBhttps://www.facebook.com/tekonta.secta



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