Sam KDC – Dote (A Tribute to Nostalgia)

Given my grungey, alternative musical beginnings, this is a track that could not go by unmentioned on the site. Taken from an EP made up of rainy day ambient soundscapes, this one track track has taken three of my favourite things (Sonic Youth, the 1976 film Network and left field drum and bass) and combined them to produce a piece of music that I can listen to on repeat for hours. It was also the first track of a massively impressive ASC podcast recently as well so check that out if you like this acquired strain of the genre.

Its the sort of track that I feel I’d have made if he hadn’t of beaten me to it, its all spot on, the first 7 guitar notes of Dirty Boots that loop over and over, along with the distinct droning that any Sonic Youth fan will know after a fraction of a second as the first sound you hear after switching on their iconic album Goo. Even the explosive crescendo of guitars that erupts along with the Diana’s sudden moment of realization that she’s fucked up is taken from a Sonic Youth track. And its more than likely there are d&b heads reading this asking ‘what’s the Sonic Youth!?’, if you fall into that category, open your ears and minds to the original piece of grungey mastery itself and educate yourself about a whole other world of music and art.

Sam KDC’s soundcloud
Auxiliary soundcloud



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