Rhyming in Fives – Hindsight EP

Narratives Music 006 - Rhyming in Fives - Hindsight EP

I’ve been loving everything that has come out of the Narratives imprint throughout its relatively short yet bright existence, and just when I thought I had their sound pigeon holed into a certain category I listened to their latest release, the Hindsight EP by Rhyming in Fives, and it washed away all of the preconceptions within the the first 10 seconds. Both Hindsight and With You sound like they could be straight out of dBridge and Kid Drama’s recent autonomic outing, Heart Drive. I’m happy to see this pretty left field music taking roots outside of the Exit Records circle (however Rhyming in Fives are still anonymous so it could still turn out to be an old autonomic heavy weight looking for a new place to release their music).

Every review you read of the Hindsight EP makes reference to the 80’s sci-fi aesthetic of the record, with the ambient final track, All’s Well, making it hard to believe they’ve not spent many hours immersed in Vangelis Bladerunner soundtrack (and they wouldn’t be the first D&B artist to have done so). Powerful lead synths, retro drum machines and the some delicate vocals courtesy of new comer Hana have helped this EP stand out at a time when it feels like drum and bass is maturing and gaining respectability day by day.

Narratives Music HQhttps://soundcloud.com/narrativesmusichq



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