Akkord: the EP, the LP & the upcoming Live Set

Encase you hadn’t heard, Synkro and Indigo have been sneaking about making some ultra slick, mad sounding techno’ish tracks under the name Akkord for the past year or so, and yeah, they’re just as on point as you would expect from a pair of guys who have individually been creating music at such a high calibre for as long as they have. What started off as some mysterious white labels floating about Manchester then progressed into their heavy sounding Navigate EP that was released on Houndstooth in May of this year.The opener and title track of the EP came out with a video that perfectly captured the mystery and general vibes of the new outfit, with black and white shots of mechanical production line robots and close ups of some ominous looking insects. The track Compound is my personal favourite though, especially with those haunting Zulu tribesman war cries in the second half. And for those of you with a nervous disposition that can’t handle such abrasive noises, the end track, Title Sequence, will be just for you with its peng ethereal dub vibes.

Well if you had this EP and enjoyed it, the good news is that they’ve have confirmed that an album is on its way now too and there is speculation that the countdown they posted on their Tumblr is counting down to the release, which would have it fall on November 25th. And better still (if you live in Nottingham) is that they will be playing a live set alongside Dense & Pika (playing live as well) at an event being put on by local musical powerhouse Wigflex next Friday over at The Lacehouse. Tickets are still available and I advised you get down to Mimm to pick one up (with a 10% discount if purchased in store). If you need any more persuasion just go check out their Resident Advisor mix or their Boiler Room set, both of which are spot on (the Resident Advisor mix introduced me to early Hotflush track Like Sun by Toasty, its well worth a listen).




Your thoughts?

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