Twenty past Lean

leanIt was twenty past lean and just to make things more clear for you, we were lean. Leaning hard in some field a few miles out from my way getting our lean on and talking lean talk whilst listening to lean beats. Listening to a small compilation of GTA V Hip-Hop to be precise. A perfect soundtrack to a perfect leaning sesh.

It was dark and the evening had become night. The sounds had been passed to myself for a short while though I didn’t have much to offer as I was tired of almost every track on my recently updated iPhone. And by recently updated I mean that I recently updated the iTunes after months of no laptop, but already the tracks are starting to lose their flare and are in need of a new batch (I think I only put like 50 on there). But in case you were thinking, I have also updated to iOS7 and ever since my one-and-a-half year old iPhone 4 has run like a sack of shit, though I appreciate the ability to use a playing track’s timeline so that you can skip through it etc. without having to unlock your phone… that’s about it though. Other than that it’s fucking awful. Anyway I was talking about me playing tracks, I played a nice 45 minutes or so and then passed the baton back over. Now we weren’t talking with background music, we were listening to music with background chatter. My friend was pulling up some of his prime sounds for me to hear and suddenly I hit a stage where the real lean kicked in and I felt myself sink into a much, much, much deeper lean. A supremely deep lean. Deeper than lean had ever been before. Leaner than deep had ever been before.

It was during this deep and leaning stage that he laid two tunes in particular on me. Two tunes that leaned me sunker than any deep had ever bison burger… Yeah that’s right. I was lean. This was the first.

After having my street cruising soul touched, in a field, and my mind blown apart by the CunninLynguists I was thrown into a wild state of musical love and appreciation. All I wanted to do was hear more sounds that would blow my mind in the same way. At this stage even the game of “Alter your depth of field so that when you stare at that mound of dirt there it looks like hench mountains far away in the distance” and “Do the same to that mound of rubble & bricks so that it looks like a city of favelas covering another mountain” wasn’t cutting it any more. We were in the music zone. We were Sean Bean, Seen Lean, Seen Bean, Been Leen. And my boy was about to leap straight out of one colossal musical mind melter into another.

He said “See if you can guess who this is…” and my response was nothing. Just listening. Just sitting there feeling pretty fucking crazy, zoning stone hard into the sounds. Getting swallowed up by the noise. I was too Sean Bean to even begin comprehending what I was hearing let alone figure out who it might be that created the noise in the first place. It was a combination of sounds that I couldn’t pinpoint on anyone at all. My memory vaults of music were completely shut down and they had to make way for a whole new slot.

I would never have thought to say what next came out of his mouth. Between draws he said; “It’s Slipknot man…”

My actual only fleeting guess was that it could possibly be some mad, lost and forgotten Red Hot Chili Peppers track. We discussed what a Red Hot Chili Peppers cover of the track might have been like. We decided that it would have been some sort of incredible.

I enjoy having my musical horizons broadened. On my own I pound my ears with relentless electronics and the occasional drip and drab of Folk and old albums that were the soundtrack to my childhood e.g. Dido, Stereophonics, Bob Marley, Paul Weller etc. I never give the legendary bands of old the time and dedication that they deserve, but to be honest, it’s times like last night, when I’m out parked up in a little car on the edge of a field feeling lunk and whale with no control over what I’m listening to at all that I can enjoy music most. It’s moments like that that stick with you.

Big Ups to my friend McLean (Genuinely his second name)

Big Ups to Slipknot & the CunninLynguists.

Fuck iOS7… it’s a sack of shit



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