Onoe Caponoe

Hallucinogenic, Funkadellic, concept driven, sample heavy, inventive UK hip-hop courtesy of the London based rapper Onoe Caponoe.

This young guy from London has already got two albums under his belt, both of which are free give away’s through the Audio Doughnuts imprint and both of which I’ve been thoroughly rinsing lately. I could go on all day explaining the various things I love about his music, from the way he can go from narrating his own trip out journeys (Funky Catapillars Shroom Party) to reinventing classic stories like Wizard of OZ (Wizard of Noz) and Donnie Darko (Donnie Darkonoe) in his own dark, psychotic, drug tinged way.

And its not just the lyrical content of the music that I’m loving either, while some tracks capture that classic sound through the use of some nice instrumental samples, I’m guessing a lot of time has also been spent in the studio recording live instruments and experimenting with various production tools to give the music that crazy psychedelic vibe.To add to the atmospheres that the tracks already create there are also loads of well placed vocal samples taken from quirky places like Donnie Darko, Labyrinth, Network (such a sick film by the way), Louis Theroux, Mighty Boosh and old Funkadelic records, to name but a few. Plus there are snippets of classic tracks that drift in and out of focus like radio transmissions being accidentally picked up in between tracks that act as intermissions to break up the onslaught of hip-hop.

He’s already got collaborations under his belt with UK hip-hop king, Jehst (who contributes a quality verse on Narnia on Pluto) as well as numerous tracks with upcoming producer Jae Genius who provided some of the best instrumentals of the two albums.

Its his next release that caught my attention most though…. My favourite set of Outlook festival this year, without question, was DjRum Outside the Fort, and one of the highlights of that was a previously unheard (to me at least) remix of the Onoe track, Milkyway 1311. The original was the first Onoe track I ever heard and this new reworking of it blew my mind, the track has now been scheduled for release on 2nd Drop records and comes with a dub version as well as another nice remix on the b-side of a Royce Wood Junior track.

You can download both albums for free by following these links:

Central Control LPhttp://audiodoughnuts.com/onoecaponoecentralcontrollp/
Willows Midnight Gallery LPhttps://soundcloud.com/audiodoughnuts/sets/onoe-caponoe-willows-midnight

Plus you can fiend out on some more of his music at these places:

Onoe Caponoes soundcloudhttps://soundcloud.com/onoe-caponoe
Jae Genius’ soundcloudhttps://soundcloud.com/jae-genius
Audio Doughnuts soundcloudhttps://soundcloud.com/audiodoughnuts



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