Marcus Intalex – Qwer Key (and some info on Heart Drive)

Despite seeming like a perfect match, Marcus Intalex had never had a release on the mighty Exit Records up until 48 hours ago. The a-side is a track called Gripped, that rolls along pretty uneventfully, apart from some nice splashy cymbals and its generally dark mood. The aa-side however is the real stand-out for me, the tracks called Qwer Key and I’ve been awaiting its release for ages now. It’s got a real autonomic aesthetic without being in autonomics signature half time pace, making it easier to blend into more standard D&B, as demonstrated by the man himself in his slick 2012 fabric promo mix.

While on the subject of that Autonomic sound, its also worth mentioning that two days ago, dBridge and Kid Drama (one half of Instra:mental) opened up their new project to the world, Heart Drive. There is almost no information provided other than the artists involved, a tracklist (which features music exclusively from the two members, both individually and as a collective) and most interestingly, on the homepage are six boxes, one of which is filled in with the current mix, the rest are left empty, meaning we can hope for another five slices of new and experimental music from the duo in the near future. This first mix, entitled 01: Aut0mated L0ve, is exactly what fans of the autonomic sound will be craving, it plays on the strengths of the sound these two helped to create while still steadily pushing things forward.

Aut0mated L0ve .jpg

You can get your copy of Gripped/Qwer Key over here:

Marcus Intalex:
Exit Records:



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