Solitude -  Vol. 13
When you’ve just gotten in from doing whatever pressing matter it is that you’ve had to attend  to all day, and you just want to sit down, unwind and fade out with some chilled music, sometimes you don’t want that added task of having to flick through your cavernous library of music yourself. So you decide to put a mix on, but when faced with the ever expanding infinity of sets that are on offer on the internet, its sometimes even tedious having to find one that you think matches the mood.

Well basically you don’t have to worry about any of the above again, the soundcloud channel of this guy, Solitude, is pretty much an eclectic trove of chilled vibrations, with individual mixes that can either span multiple genres as far removed as drum and bass and trip-hop, or that instead focus on a the back catalogue of a particular artist (with Burial and Synkro already having been picked for this special treatment). There are already 25 mixes to choose from, and from what I’ve listened to, they perfectly encapsulate that, ‘dark rainy night spent inside alone’ sort of vibe, with track list regulars being Burial, Phaeleh, Synkro, Djrum, ASC , Biome and Kaiju. Enjoy.



Your thoughts?

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