Maribou State – Tongue EP


This EP, like much from the Maribou State, is a piece of summer-slide genius. Two gents (from The Shire apparently) and a lot of talent. Southern Fried bringing in the sunshine love on this one.

Fiddling around under various alias’s for years the boys got together and started playing out in bands and the eventual love-bust was Maribou State.

I throw them into the same organic electronic (Dare I say something close to House…) category as Motor City Drum Ensemble, Caribou, Pedestrian & Mount Kimbie. And I throw them into this such category with great admiration.

This EP is a couple of months new now but on this fine sunny Saturday it feels the perfect time to post about. Enjoy the “vibes man vibes”…

The rest of the EP consists of a medley of soul touching remixes, personally in-love with James Welsh’s Instrumental Mix.

Buy your copy of the EP here

Oh and for those of you that writhe with disgust at any attempt to re-vitalise a Fatboy Slim track, more especially one as publicly heralded as Praise You then let your writhing be tested once again into perhaps an adoring groove instead… to me this is not the best remix of anything ever and nor is it anything close to sublime, but miss-leading, grooving and a damn sure crowd pleaser in only the best of possible ways? Like “OH SHIT MAN THIS, LONG LONG WAAY TOGETHER.. I LOVE THIS TRACK LET’S HOLD HANDS AND SING TOGETHER BECAUSE WE’RE SUCH AWESOME BROSKIIS!!”… Fuck Yes. Just like that.

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