Chill the Belt Sundays – Voyager – Apollo

If you know me, you’ll know that I’ve been fiending out supremely hard on the Blu Mar Ten Music Podcast series of late. I mean I’ve been listening to them as they’ve been released over the months but the other day I decided to lap up each podcast, in full, back-to-back from episode 1 to the previously most recent episode 12. I’m sure to mention these podcasts a hell-of-a -lot over the next few posts, as I’ve got a ton of music to post about from them!

But seriously, if you know Blu Mar Ten then don’t expect a full hour of mixed Drum & Bass from these podcasts and in contrast, if you don’t know BMT then be open for anything. These podcasts are a musical journey through everything amazing in music from the past and present and they tear across an infinite span of genres in such a seamless way that you just get lost in what seems like one giant musical performance. It’s pure musical perfection and it’s podcasts like these and people with such a wide spread music appreciation that spurred me on to make this blog in the first place.

Anyway, the track Apollo from the mysterious Voyager (released in 1998 on the amazing LTJ‘s Good Looking Records, who, by the way, are still relentlessly releasing LTJ-Like rolling D&B groovers, just follow them up on SoundCloud) spiked my attention as the closing track to one of the BMT podcasts. It was not only clearly an old track (back from those early Drum & Bass days, when everything was new, earthy and clean.) but it was also from a producer that, up until now, I thought I knew. Being immersed in Chillout from a young age (Cheers mum!) I came across a track called Voyager from a group called SWP, which funnily enough was released just a year later. So on Chris, a member of the BMT trio and sultry host to the podcasts, explaining on intro that the track was from a guy called Voyager I was instantly like “Oh my god I know this guy!!”…. which clearly I didn’t. But even if I didn’t recognise the name, this track would have still grabbed my full attention as it’s soft airy chords and rolling rhythm drums took me quite literally on an imaginary voyage into space.

Beautiful simplistic Drum and Bass from a time when electronic production was more song composition than DJ tool construction.

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And watch SWP’s Voyager right here….




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