Standing Out in an Outstanding Crowd

In the 90’s there was a surge in music of what is now remembered in annual compilation CD’s designed for the lounges of the middle class.

Despite being nout but a dream-filled child in these years, the Trip-Hop rhythms and grooves of the past are inevitably embedded into my musical memory and consequently make up for a colossal part of my musical taste.

I am all too familiar with the sounds of Jakatta, the Sneaker Pimps, Zero 7, Bonobo, Groove Armada, Massive Attack, Moby, Everything But the Girl, Portishead, Voyager, Nightmares On Wax etc. etc. etc. And as time passes, so rightly so, the musical sound of the era has also passed, the organic, experimental, new-found 90’s lust with the combination of band and electronics. It was something beautiful right?

All too many times have I played this remix to someone and asked them to guess what the original was before the vocal rolls in…

Now, in 2013, it seems more prominent than ever that the sound of electronic music has returned and in my opinion, damaging popular (that is; mainstream) music into the worst state that it has ever been at. Consider over the past decades of music that popular music defined culture amongst the young, devided them amongst themselves, created extreme styles, revolution, change… The 60’s, the 70’s, the 80’s even the 90’s, despite lacking in such extreme forms of musical triumph it still brought the rave scene and when you look at 90’s pop music it really wasn’t actually that bad, in fact it was pretty bloody good; Blur, Radio Head, Eminem, Biggie, Tupac, TLC, Dido… at least the artists had to work for their music. Now look at it, slap a 120+ full set of dancefloor club banging drums into it, chop up a vocal, pay some half-wit rapper to cheer on to a crowd of mindless idiots about putting their hands in the air and seeing that girl over there and having a paartaay and you’ve got a chart topping single that’ll be a forgotten mp3 file come the next year. Today’s modern music is expendable to say the least.

Anyway I digress.

What I was trying to build towards was a 2nd coming of the chill. Also I’d like to point out that I’m not saying all modern music is bad, I love ten tons of modern sound, it just seems to be the commercial side of it that’s really, really, reeeaaally fucking shit these days.

You know what, fuck it, if I keep writing I’m just going to keep on tangenting all over the place and never get to the point. I wrote the title of this post about a point I haven’t even began to cover and it’s already too long… I’m just going to post the tunes I wanted to post and then give a little sentence at the end to explain why I posted them…

The internet has given access to thousands that would otherwise never even come close to getting audio production and DJ’ing software that should be purchased but can very easily be FREE TORRENT DL’d pretty much anywhere. As such, many amazing producers are given an opportunity to do what they want… on the flip-side, many many many many many idiots can also post, share and flood the internet with their bullshit.

And it doesn’t matter the genre, every genre has tides and tides of bad music to sift through to get to the gems. But as of recently, Chillout/Ambient/Trip-Hop/Lounge or as the modern day kids call it; IDM has returned with a new gang of producers. It’s not a sound that can really be likened to it’s distant fathers of the past, it’s more glossy, more Bass influenced, it’s more electronic, there’s less live percussion and guitars and song-writing but that’s not to say that there aren’t some people out there making some real beautiful stuff.

I hear A LOT of “Future Garage/Chillout” a day and most of it is… nice. But every so often, you find something special.

My hat goes off to the likes of Synkro, Andrea, Tycho, ΔKX, TeeFreqs, Jack Sparrow,  Flakơ and many others…

Keep listening to music.




Your thoughts?

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