Tings in Boots vol. 2 (and some other stuff about Parisian)

If you didn’t download the first free EP these guys put together you probably at least recognize a few of the tracks off of it (the Pedestrian and Maribou State bootleg of Lauryn Hills Doo Wop being one of them). Well now they’ve released Volume 2 and it’s got some equally sick music on. What surprised me most was the diversity; every track has a completely different vibe, the first track being a fist pumper’s wet dream, the last track being a moody bedroom mixers wet dream, and there being various other wet dreams in between. Have a listen through and see what you think, its free music at its finest.

Ah and that Parisian track I mentioned above, I’ve been waiting for it for ages now, ever since he used it to help round off his 405 mix a while back, so so peng. I know it’s been changed up a bit for this release but it’s the same sort of idea. And if any of you have heard his Daul Kim EP (which was quality) you’ll recognize some of the eerie laughs and sounds he’s snuck into it, a well cool running theme that he even sampled into the aforementioned 405 mix. And on the subject of free EP’s, Parisian started giving away his ‘Those Emotions Ran High EP’, which was a well dark, gloomy collection of tracks. Audrey Horne stuck out for me especially, that slow atmospheric build up, the creepy and desperate sample, the heavy drop and then the digital melody that then chimes away on top of everything. This track (and artist as a whole) got rinsed pretty hard back in the dark days of writing my dissertation so I recommend it to anyone that is going to be sitting somewhere they don’t want to be for hours on end, week after week.



Your thoughts?

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