Shigeto – No Better Time Than Now

The American producer Shigeto has made his new album, No Better Time Than Now, available to stream via the website Hype Machine this morning and it’s a real nice record. I first heard this guy (through Giles Peterson I think?) with a remix of a Tycho track called Adrift and I’ve kept an eye out for his stuff since.

The site describes the album as ‘electronic music for people who don’t usually like electronic music’ which I think is pretty fair as most people who will claim to dislike electronic music are usually referring to dance music, however it doesn’t take long to realize that this music was made with a completely different environment in mind. On top of that, it sounds like a good proportion of these sounds were recorded live anyway, the Rhodes electric piano that keeps popping up being a prime example, for instance in the first track it sounds like it could have been lifted straight out of somewhere on Bitches Brew.

Here’s the link to Hype Machine where you can hear the album in full:

The album is released 19th August on the American label, Ghostly International, and should be an essential purchase for any of you that are in to the chilled sounds of artists like Phaeleh, Parisian or Bonobo.



Your thoughts?

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