Electronic Bite Fridays – Four Tet – Lion (Jamie XX Remix)

5726168I’ve posted this track up once before. But with not so much love as I do now.


In 2012 Four Tet, a man of incredibly organic and flawlessly creative production talent, released another incredible Four Tet album; Pink. Second in line, waiting to be ear-loved, was a track called Lion; a rolling, techno-fused, euphoria-climber that chimes and chonks its way around a dance-floor with all the eyes-closed, mind-open, soul-lost, musical-mystery-love that any Four Tet track has. Nothing too wild in the eyes of someone looking for a real piece of musical mastery, but nothing short of good music by any means.

This is the original

Then, a few months down the lion a man from another musical burst of genius decided to take his hands to the piece and see what he could muster with it. The outcome, to me, is possibly one of the best electronic musical compositions in the history of our existence.

The man that the track was handed to was a man from a band that Four Tet had also laid his own hands to work on before, which came to deliver us with this…

Nice right? What I’m trying to emphasise is the ability and passion behind both of the artists involved here. They both, as DJ’s and Live Performers, understand a crowd better than most. They both experiment with music in ways that others couldn’t even begin to comprehend. They take something so simple or so technically wrong and just… make it right. A friend told me that he saw Jamie Smith play out a set on the night that Gil Scott-Heron had died (And if you know anything about Jamie Smith then you’ll understand the significance of such an event) and he only way could think to describe the night was with this “it was deep mate… emotional”.

Like I said, I posted this tune up last year at some point, but it wasn’t until a month or so ago that I really genuinely sat down with it and gave it a listen. And I mean really gave it a listen; it was around 1am, it was dark, there was no one else around, my new Sennheiser HD-25 II headphones were on and my mind was ready to be lost in music. Please, if you have never heard this track, please, please, please wait until such a moment is upon you to listen to this or it will be wasted on you. But if, by chance, you are in such a moment, then by all means, close your eyes and proceed…

Whether it’s the soft piano that slowly builds over the tracks emotional breakdown, the raw and over powered sub-bass that haunts the track as an ominous steel ghost, the gentle padded chords with a melody so sad or the tiny metallic pin-wheel sound, this track holds and delivers an incredible mix of emotions far deeper than most electronic tracks can. There’s a genuine sense of sadness around the track that’s enveloped by all this building darkness but you soon find yourself, after the track gathers it’s pace again, almost elated with a feeling of broadened horizons and when those ginormous bass tones return, they return in your hands, expected and commanded where they took you by so much surprise before. It’s an incredible piece of musical composition and it blows me away every time I hear it.

Text Records released the EP, Four Tet – Jupiters (Happa Remix) / Lion (Jamie XX Remix) on 10/12/2012. I suggest you go and buy it.





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