An Indie Medley

Bounjour My Little Sweat Monkeys.

Bite the Belt has more often than not been a destination of raring electrics. I mean to be fair, we do love electronic music. But that’s not to say that we don’t have time for the bands either…

Here be a few sounds I’ve been loving recently:

Long Walks On the Beach

Soothing nostalgic Lo-Fi for those that remember those good old times when pictures looked a bit sepia without the help of Instagram.

Die Mason Die

Samuel Mason I posted about right in the dawning days of Bite the Belt (Old Die Mason Die Post). He was borne in Wales, Raised by some Australians and dumped in London. The outcome has been a wicked little Four-Piece Ghost Folk band that make some well nice stuff and stuff. This is a track I heard yonks ago as a Free DL on his Bandcamp but has since been re-mastered and yeah, here’s the finished dream-boat.

Sundara Karma

This track I’ve never heard before, this band I’ve never heard before. Literally just started playing off the back of the Simon Mason stuff. But yeah it’s decent right?

Come On Live Long

In my opinion, these Irish boys are a one off wonder and that’s with this single track right here… Little Ones. Tropical, Soothing, Summer Vibes and if today wasn’t the day for summer vibes.

Love Bands.

Love Music.



Your thoughts?

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