Mosaic Vol. 2

Its two years ago that we were treated to Volume 1, with its curious new sounds and high profile contributors, for some I’m sure it was an introduction to the strange experimental sounds of the Autonomic music that dBridge champions, for others it may have been the first time they had seen artists like Skream, Scuba and Boddika (under his Instra:mental guise) giving the time of day to a genre that many associated with unimaginative, high octane, drug induced music that centred solely on ridiculously heavy drops. dBridge and his Exit Records label have worked hard to remove this negative stigma from the genre he holds dear, and simultaneously injected new life and creativity into it. Now we are on the verge of receiving the second instalment of his Mosaic series, the sampler of which was released yesterday with four new tracks for you to bite your belt to.

Each of the four tracks represent a different aspect of what the albums trying to showcase, starting off with probably the most abrasive of the four is the dark stomper Eyes Down by Skeptical, which churns along with mechanical precision as more layers of rhythm slowly attach themselves to it. This is followed by the comparatively chilled Synkro delivering more of his signature peng before moving on to the roller of the four, which is already one of the most anticipated tracks from the album after receiving support from the likes of Kasra, the curiously named Eric Bristow by ST Files. The final track from the sampler is from autonomic pioneers Instra:mental who arguably question the boundaries of what DnB can be more than any other contributor on the compilation. Their track ‘First Level 2B’ stumbles through a futuristic landscape that is rarely heard anywhere other than on Exit releases (with Nonplus+ and Warp being some reliable faucets if you like what you hear).

These four tracks don’t even begin to cover all of the styles and sounds that are gonna be heard on the album as I’m sure you could have guessed after seeing that artists like Fracture, Machinedrum, Dub Phizix, Om Unit, Commix, J Kenzo and Stray all providing unreleased tunes for it. The bossman himself dBridge is also providing two new tracks, one of which, My Night Sky, takes ambient DnB to serene new places. The full compilation is released next Monday (5th August) so make sure you grab yourself a copy.

Mosaic clips on soundcloud –
Exit Records website –
Exit Records facebook –!/exitrecordsuk?fref=ts
Pre-order it here on Red Eye Records –



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