Jeremiah Jae – Bad Jokes Mixtape


I don’t know who Jeremiah Jae is but I know Warp Records and they clearly know who this flip-lyrical, spin-jizzacle rip-rapper is and dayum is this mixtape fucking sick mayyyyn!!

There’s some production from Flying Lotus lurking about on the tape so if you were sceptical about clicking play on an unknown (though really you should trust us by now) that name should be enough to convince you that this guy has flow.

I know next to nothing about hip-hop so excuse my description… this is some old-skool feeling scratchy choppy mad shit… that’s all I got… but it’s sick so yeah.

Warp are the same Label that introduced me to Boards of Canada (They’re due a nice post at some point soon) and again they’ve blown my mind with another genius in the field of art that is music.

And this mixtape is freakin’ free G!! So get on it.


DL Link –

The Warped Website –
Jeremiah’s Cloud –
Jezza’s Book –




Your thoughts?

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