It’s Been a Long Time…



Ladies & Gentlemen, it breaks my puppy-dog heart to think that we’ve left you un-posted and un-updated for so so long. Coming on 7 months now. There was a time when we were posting almost every day, making the sunshine beam down from the heavens and the musical love flow through your veins. Like gods we were. Brightening up the internet with amazing music and jolly old stuff. Good times. Rich times. But then we got…

My laptop broke… so sad.

My writers, they got caught up with work and dissertations and exams and not writing… so woeful.

But now the time has come again, where we will step back out of the cybernetic woodwork and come to you again, stronger, better, BIGGER, faster, hungrier… BITEIER!!!!

BtBFor in the shadows of the blog, our faithful SoundCloud page has been rolling on. And with it has come a faithful following of 250+ followers… How’s that for size? There we’ve been sharing amazing music… we just haven’t been writing about it :(

But yeah, fuck all the sadness, we’re back. And with the SoundCloud we’ve managed to wrangle us some fresh faces for some fresh interviews. And not just written ones, oh no, I mean there will be written ones… but there’ll also be videos… oh yes… videos and youtube… oh yes!! A Tube Channel and videos and all sorts!! We’ve got new writers… mm indeed! And yeah… things are looking up, up and away!!

Brace yourselves kiddies. We’re in for a bumpy ride.


the Bite the Belt team


Your thoughts?

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