Ivy Lab

Ivy Lab is the new name that progressive D&B producers Sabre, Stray and Halogenix have chosen to start releasing music under in 2013 for Critical. The tracks they have produced both individually and as a collective in the past have all been pretty inspiring, including one of last year’s stand out tracks, Oblique, which turned heads with its ambient Eno samples and pained vocals, courtesy of Frank Carter III, who has also been revealed to be providing vocals on their first release, Afterthought, the only audio of which is ripped from Frictions Radio 1 slot a few weeks back, enjoy.

And despite how successful they’ve been at creating the peng lately, I can’t help hoping they’re still working on stuff a bit more like this as well:



2 thoughts on “Ivy Lab

  1. Ah sorry about the lack of posts man, a culmination of third year uni work and humanitarian missions in North Africa have left BtB pretty understaffed throughout January.

    Yeah its a shame it got taken down, hopefully there’ll be a better quality clip available soon. And as for the Stray tune, I’m glad you enjoyed it, he’s got a lot of stuff worth checking out:



  2. Hey! There’s life here! The silence had me worried.

    Sadly, looks like that first video’s been taken down. Listened to the second one, though, and it’s weird and delightfully dark.


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