Chill the Belt Sundays

Pat Metheny Group – Are You Going With Me?

A messy weekend, a long day at work, suffering from the previous nights play. A long hungover Sunday doesn’t go finished without a long hungover sunday track that speaks the slow pain of your soul.

Coinciding with that, this is also one of many, but 100% memorable for reasons best disclosed, track that was pumped out in an accidental but mad wicked drug induced night stuck in my mates flat in Nottingham.

The Pat Metheny Group are some sort of alternative synth Jazz group that was founded in the mid-70’s. Pat Metheny is the main man behind the group, he be the lead guitarist and the rest of the group is a collection of mad Jazz fiends that all felt his vibe so strong that they allowed the band to be named after him.

Are You Going With Me? is a track of my youth, another random lounge track from another random compilation album belonging to my mother. Though I never appreciated the track as a child quite as much as I do. Progressively it’s one of the most mad and emotional tracks I’ve ever heard, so deep, so soulful, so sad, so sweet, so long, so peng.

Appreciate and allow the progression.

This one’s for you Jimmy (the Craw)



Your thoughts?

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