Lynx – SOULR58


This two track release from Lynx became available yesterday on Marcus Intalex’ label Soul:R, with both tracks bringing something completely different to the table. First up is Balloons, with that strange intro that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Warp release, it takes the eventual drop to remind you it’s even a D&B track at all with its frantic drums and a swelling bass (and what strange sounding song would be complete without a bit of chatterbox?) The minute I heard this song I got that mad feeling of déjà vu and can’t help thinking it may have been in Klutes set at Outlook for some reason? Even if not, I know I’ve heard it somewhere with a big sound system and pondered over whom this madness was created by?

The second track is the sweet sounding Passing Time, which is instantly recognizable from various liquid mixes over the last few months; however it wasn’t till now that I knew who it was by. It comes as no surprise to learn the tracks been getting regular play from Calibre lately as it would be easy to mistake it for one of his own productions, what with its soulful vocals, melodic piano chords and crisp drums.

(Soundcloud has the songs ordered the wrong way round by the way).

I know the Soundcloud sample only plays a minute of each track so if you follow this link you get a better idea of what the two tunes sound like:

And on a side note, it may seem as though label boss Marcus Intalex has had a quiet year, (other than helping release the huge album, I Don’t Usually Like MC’s But…, courtesy of DRS), he has in fact just slowed down the tempo and been releasing a shit tonne of more house/techno orientated music under the guise of Trevino, which as it turns out, he seems to be pretty good at as well. I managed to bump into the man himself outside a rave at the Marcus Garvey Ballroom a few months back, however at this time I didn’t know much about Trevino, and had no idea he was also Marcus Intalex, despite him claiming he’d played a jungle rave at the same venue twenty years prior, he still stopped for a little chat and let my friend Chungy get a picture with him though, what a sick guy.




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