Digital Decadence


I go to a particular cinema in SE London where it costs £5 all day every day. I love it! However this relationship is becoming strained, like a girlfriend that keeps on screwing me over and letting me down, and She is running out of chances.

I have been three times in the last week – call me a cinema junkie – and every single damned time there has been three digital glitches. The screen freezes, and the image and sound zzzzz out for a second or two. Three from all three… This inflicts a massive loss of immersion, and at my attendance of The Hobbit  – highly recommended – this was a gross injustice! Rollicking along through an action fuelled fantasy adventure then ZZZZZ, shitty digital cinema raining on your parade.

Has anyone else experienced this elsewhere? Can anyone tell me why this is happening? Am I watching pirated films? Is that why it is so cheap?

Bring back analogue and cigarette burns =(

Needless to say I will be making a racket when I return – yes I will be going back for more. Watch this space for results… Take it away Lou Bond – To The Establishment (1974):

Vince Art.


Your thoughts?

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