DJ Hazard – Never The Same EP

Never The Same

DJ Fucking Hazard.

Man, as far as I was concerned, this renegade hero of the post-millenia D&B scene was past tense. A man whose name you turn to and go, “Oh shit yeah! Machete!!! WAAAAAH!!! WAMP-WAMP-WAMP-WAMP!!!”

Turns out I was horrendously wrong. Playaz is still holding on tight, so rightly as they should, to their time at the top, their time as the kings of the aggressive lairy (some feel best forgotten) and cocaine fueled Drum & Bass scene that was Jump Up. No other label tore out the genre like Playaz did, or as they used to be known, Ganja… says it all really. No cares, no fears, in your face, nasty, loud, dirty, slightly rough around the edges (scummy) and of course, furiously aggressive. They were the dons. The Perry Ones.

Still gets me that tune. Gets me so bad.

But as times rolled by the scene changed and Jump Up was left in the dirt that it was birthed from. There’s a much glossier and electronic version of the genre that now exists in the somewhat more commercial frontier for DnB but it’s really not for me… too “filthy”, as the kids would say.

Anyway, Hazard was one of the kings of the genre and as much as there was a lot of shit Jump Up, there was a lot of fucking brilliant classics. Hazard being a pioneer and shape-shifter on all fronts, possibly a man behind almost all of the good Jump Up, of course there was also Original Sin, his lil’ bro Taxman, Heist (he went to my school blud!), Sub Zero, Jaydan and… I think that was pretty much it for good Jump Up producers… jokes man jokes there were some other good producers…

But yeah this man was a huge name. But let’s face it, the genre died a while back, the names that were big in the game then are now making some real different sounding tunes and if I’m honest, not many of them have been any good…

At least until now.

Hazard has got a HUGE new EP out called Never The Same and man did it tickle me sweet. There’s only one track out of the Four (It’s A Secret) that I’m not mad on, a bit too classic rolling Jump Up, but the rest? Jesus fucking christ.

Emphasis on huge in that track right there. Do Without You is the last track on the EP and uses a supremely soulful vocal sample that features on one of my all time favorite Liquid Tracks, Memories by MuWookie and is a complete spin on what I’m used to when singing along to those sweet female vibes. So god daym romper stompin’!

And as for Air Guitar?

Yes yes and yes again.

Hazard is back. And I’m definitely feeling the return.

Links to Buy the EP here



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