Falcon Lake – New Material


Falcon Lake New Material Cover Artworks

Ok so you guys may remember Falcon Lake?

They’re a Gem Sack band that I posted about a couple of months back. Severely mellow synth band with lots of goodness sprinkled on top?

OK well last I checked they had shit-all material posted up. They used to a have a couple of songs, maybe just one? And then it disappeared and when I went to post it up, all they had was a demo for some future material…

Said future material is finally here…

The tracks were only uploaded yesterday and Serenity How has to be my favorite of the three new gems that these boys have cooked up! It is but a taster of the new direction that the Falcon Lake has taken.

Like it?

Then get on the other two tracks; The Awakening & Star Fighter.




Your thoughts?

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