Apple iFascism

My frustration rises as Planet Apple encroaches. iTunes 11 became available recently, and like the diligent little Apple-initiate that I am, I proceeded to update without hesitation – MAJOR ERROR. A whole bunch of changes occurred in 11 which screwed with things that I – cringe – appreciated – using iTunes.


The search feature changed to show me annoying drop-down list of songs rather than showing my search criteria in the main song display. Fortunately you can change this back, by clicking the drop down arrow by the microscope in the search bar and deselecting “Search Entire Library”. Minor counter-victory.

The status bar and side bar were gone! Fortunately this can be turned back on in the View Menu. Minor counter-victory.

But the biggest frustration is the way they have fucked with album art. No longer can I have a nice little box with the art of the track I have selected, where previously I was able to flick through my library while a song is playing and get a visual-aid as I go. No, the art has been reduced to a finger-nail size icon next to the play-bar. Fucking why Apple?! And now I can’t add album art to artless songs in bulk! I used to really love adding the art to any albums that were blank. You can still do this track by track, through bringing up the tracks info and lodging it in artwork, but uhh it is arduous doing it song by song for a whole album.

Why do you fuck with my album art Apple!! Please, everybody lodge your frustration and bring the old album art back!

Apple claims they are all about freedom of expression and encouraging individuality, but really they have our – my – nuts in a vice and are tightening it all the damn time.

Be Warned: if something isn’t broken, don’t fix it. Needless to say this is the last time I will be updating things so inconsiderately. With a bit of hacking you can revert to iTunes 10.7 if you have your library saved in Time Machine, however I was not so fortunate.

Luckily a new Nicolas Jaar track appeared to ease the angst…

Support Music You Love.

Vince Art.


Your thoughts?

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