the Gem Sack no 15.

Dub Tractor

Dub Tractor

Anders Remmer, AKA Dub Tractor, is a mark of small size in the expansive world that is music, but I tell no lie when I say that he’s a mark worth noting.

From the small and humble Denmark, Anders is now one of the key figures within the electronic community and his influence is that of no specific genre. A combination of soft electronic Indie meets Downtempo Lounge Music. Lots of sub and lots of floating synths, chords and chimes… and a little bit of soft singing from the man himself.

Sadly, although having released a hell of a lot of material, Dub Tractor is not a name that can be easily tracked down online. All I can personally find that belongs to him is a Myspace profile and that’s about it. No Facebook. No Soundcloud. No Bandcamp. Nothin’. Just a few random vids posted up by random posters on Youtube and that’s where it ends. But maybe that’s enough?

get on the Dub Tractor Myspace



2 thoughts on “the Gem Sack no 15.

  1. I know man, an artist that I feel never grew to his full potential. Like all his releases were that of a man still learning, like the next EP would have been his greatest… know what I mean?


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